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Welcome to Walter Beach's Website!

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Walter Beach III

Who I am

I am Black in attitude. I am Black in behavior. I am Black in belief and thought. I am African in spirit. I accept and acknowledge the fact of my African 'self being' intuitively and have developed the cognitive strength to function as a Black Man in America. As an African Black man, my hypocrisy manifests as silent rage! I must decide what my relationship to racism will be. I am a man of peace and love. I am a man of my people. "I do not speak falsely for I am great. I do not act lightly for I have weight. I am not untrue for I am the balance. I do not swerve for I am the standard" The Husia

A Pontiac, Michigan native, Mr. Beach attended Central Michigan University and Yale Law School. He also attended the Unification Theological Seminary. He spent four years stationed in Germany in the United States Air Force as a cryptographer. He served as Special Assistant to the Cleveland, Ohio’s Mayor, Carl B. Stokes, the first African-American mayor of a major United States city. For six years, Walter was a defensive cornerback with the Cleveland Browns professional football team, winning the World Championship in 1964.
As a lecturer, Walter Beach speaks to many youth organizations. His commitment is to encourage academic excellence and to assist young people in educating and preparing themselves to negotiate the complex and often dangerous route to adulthood.

For a time, Walter lived in India under the tutelage of Master Kapal Singh, where he was a student of Surat Shab Yoga. He has been a practitioner of Tai Chi Chuan for more than thirty years. In 2014 he published his memoir “Consider This” and has just completed a new treatise entitled “Sting of the Whip”.

Walter can be seen in the documentary on the life of Jim Brown, directed by Spike Lee. He was also featured in the ESPN documentary “Images in Black and White” and in the T-Time Production of “Third and Long”.

Walter Beach III serves as the Director of the North Eastern Division of Amer-I-Can Foundation for Social Change, founded by Hall of Famer Jim Brown.

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