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And Then

And Then

The European influence attacks Africans based primary on color. This position encompasses Race within the values, customs, mores, traditions and characteristics of *whiteness*. Deeply rooted in the Culture and Tradition of The American fabric is behavior considered “acceptable”, detrimental to the healthy development of African People. Embracing the European Ethos damages us as a People. It has devastating effects on Our spirituality, personal sovereignty and racial integrity. So accustom are we to enduring and accepting inhuman exploitation and oppression we “normalize” *impotent responses*.

It is factually inaccurate and intellectually dishonest to suggest that Black People and white people are part of the same societal paradigm without “indelibly” drawing lines. We are who We are they are Who they are.

Nothing entitles you to benefit from any process that will violate our People. NO principal or law will allow worth such a right. There can be no such thing as peaceful coexistence between opposing ideologies.

Ask Your Self is it good for Our People


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