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Every day people sing a simple song, look for the light. “Thou art the light, let the light shine”. “This little light of mine I am going let it shine”!!! The sacred divine spark of electric magnetic energy, *light*, is the source of divine intelligence, also known as GOD.

The Imego Dei……. In The Image of God. I am ‘god’ appearing as Walter Beach III. The peace of God is at the center of My being. I am conscious of this peace. I am surrounded by this peace. I enter on to this peace. This peace moves out for Me in all directions, it heals everything that it contacts. There is nothing but peace. I rejoice in this peace. I permit this peace to enter My soul, fill Me with calm and inspire Me with confidence. I know that this peace goes before Me and makes perfect, plain and straight My way.

The mastery of self transcends any particular art. It stems from the ability to be disciplined and in complete control of one’s actions. Be at peace with self and in harmony with the universe. God has appointed a remedy for all evil, that is a contented spirit. So you see, freedom is mine!!! I ask no permission from others to Be!!! Personal Sovereignty is Conscious, Rational, Responsible Agency.

Without critical analysis one cannot function in the full *light* of integrity as a human being. Without critical analysis there can be no Self-respect. Without critical analysis there can be no Self-defense, no courage, no Justice, no peace and no progress.

“I apologize for being Black. All I am plus all I lack. I apologize because I bear resemblance most Black people share, thick lips, flat nose and nappy hair”.

Time is running out for a peaceful solution. Armed only with love is not the solution. There is a time for love and there’s a time for recognizing and acknowledging hopeless situations.

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