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From time to time, I will add commentary on a variety of issues. Please check in frequently to see what I am talking about. I am going to call this blog "Consider This". Feel free to comment. I will enjoy the exchange.

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A rhetorical question, “Is this still true”? James Baldwin was ‘specific’! Is there a need to repeat that which was articulated? It is factually accurate and intellectually dishonest to suggest that

Woke up this morning, with this on my mind, An Honorable War or A Trecherous Peace, “Where have all the *Black Urban Warriors* gone? Maybe enticed by the Victorian Western Anglo European Pantheon, to

I have known this for the last ninety {90} years!!! The negative vicissitudes takes place “disproportionately” *Just Because*, Just Because you’re Black!!! We are now experiencing ‘more’ in this cou