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One {1} consistent action *STANDARD*

I have made several efforts to linguistically clarify the use of *Double Standard*!!! I have no intention to do more than inform!!! With respect “Consider This”!!!

When events that are “harmful”, “detrimental” and even “violent” occurring as a result of behavior, by our people for the same behavior or act as that others, we use the words “double standard” to explained the *different treatment*!!!

There is a clairity easily understood if you have knowledge of grammar, syntax, morphology, phonology, semantics and etymology.

Double Standatd: as a {noun}, a level of quality or attainment.

as an {adjective} used or accepted as normal.

Standard bearers are responsible for carrying the distinctive flag of what is represented and intentions of their desire!!! The constant singular pattern and practice of behavior, cannot be characterized as a *double standard*, it represents the STANDARD!!!

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