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Speech Is it not true

A rhetorical question, “Is this still true”?

James Baldwin was ‘specific’! Is there a need to repeat that which was articulated? It is factually accurate and intellectually dishonest to suggest that his comments are false!

Things are real only to the extent that they are rooted in objective reality, which itself is pinned down in concepts, thoughts and ideas. This means that nothing is real unless it has been or can be integrated within the contextual system.

Where all information and all data is factually implausible, reality is then questionable. There is nothing NO THING beyond the contextual system, other than “imagination” and “speculation”. Eliminate the negative, establish the facts, choose ‘your’ best option!!!

Reason and logic by their very nature is restricted to proof and evidence, opinions and beliefs have no such limitations. You cannot represent opinions and belief as ‘empirical’ evidence.

His comments were undeniable, indisputable and irrefutable! If the premises are true then the conclusion must be true, syllogistic reality.

*Res ipsa loquitur*, “the statements speak for itself”. For me, there is no doubt!!!

My newly embraced mantra after 90 years of research, study and life experiences as a Black African “genocide survivor”.

*I cannot pull you through the darkness but I can show you where to find the light*

If you or any one intellectually curious, go to “” my blog of several “black essays”.

“Consider This”, “The Sting Of The Whip”, “Thing Hidden In Plain Sight” are available to purchase for the Holliday.

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