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The Easy Way

The Easy Way*

Belief systems are principles that guide people through their every day lives. Thoughts, ideas and concepts that follow the path of least resistance is to be given special considerations. For me and to me, if I did not ask for your advice or opinion then I don’t care what you think.

ZGR, Zero Grade Reliance is the only consideration when acknowledging Social, Cultural, Religious *literary fictions*, Legal *semantical masturbation*. Conscious, rational, logical, responsible agency is the only available intellectual energy I can harness, the easy way.

Things are real only to the extent that they are rooted in this “objective reality”, which is itself penned down in concepts, thoughts and ideas. This means that nothing is “real” unless it has been or can be integrated within the conceptual ego system. We assume that the whole of “reality” is only within the conceptual ego system. Where all information and data are *factually implausible*, “reality” is questionable. Beyond the ego conceptual system our spiritually and true nature are revealed and true “reality” dawns.

Dispositional purpose and momentum far exceeds the situational expression of the single act or event. Predatory, negative indignities are disproportionately received

*just because* one is Black. This is not conjecture, assumption hypothesis, postulation or theory. It is suffused in the doctrine, orthodoxy and theology of the European American hegemony.

*Black The Beautiful* in every expression, the present of *Black The Beautiful*, from the people’s humanity, to positions of power and authority. “Yes Please”, *Black The Beautiful*!

I no longer have to satisfy myself with Pyrrhic Victories, abandoning much of my humanity, only” to be a free functioning human being! The cost is not worth the benefit, paying more than fair value, removing one’s self from being “A Tourist”.

In my heart, in my soul, my spirit of self and truth, I found peace there.

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