The evil of *whiteness*

What’s on my mind today, this is what I would like to say. I don’t know who said this, I don’t even know if I read this. “I cannot pull you through the darkness but I can show you where to find the light”.

Reason and logic by their very natures are restricted to proof and evidence, opinions and belief have no such limitation. You cannot represent opinions and beliefs as evidence. This is undeniable, indisputable and irrefutable to those manifesting *Conscious* *Rational* *Responsible* *Agency*!!!

No one is above the Law however, some are “beyond” the Law!!! Things Hidden In Plain Sight, you thought this was about the Law!!! The Special Counsel Ploy is far more diabolical.

The significance at the core of the Western European Pantheon of *whiteness* is articulated by Neely Fuller Jr. in his seminal work “The United Independent Compensatory Code/System Concept”. “If you do not understand racism and white supremacy and how it works, everything else you understand, will only confuse you”.

Power/Control are the essential components of *whiteness* expressed in the Pantheon of Western European Theology. The normality of clinical functional ‘psychosis’ is not alarming when one over stands the depth of “cognitive dissidents” associated with *whiteness* subconsciously and consciously by both White folks and Black folks!!! CONSIDER THIS

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