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The Great Psychological Crime

The Great Psychological Crime

A crime against the intelligent soul of human kind is to *deprived* it of any of the inalienable rights, privileges, benefits, power or possibilities with which God or nature has invested.

So seductive is the code of *Cultural Fantasy* that it has proven its self immune to “reality”. The code of *Cultural Fantasy* is the literal acceptance of mythology, fallacies, fiction, allegorical non-truths and agreed-upon lies. It reduces, minimize and marginalizes certain beliefs, rendering them absurd and makes obvious considerations even obscene.

Your belief system, is what psychologically guides you through your every day life. This means that nothing is “real” unless it has a been or can be integrated within your conceptual ego-system. Your spirituality and true nature are revealed and true “reality”dawns.

Let your experience teach you the truth. The truth comes from inside out. The surest way to truth is by perception, intuition and reasoning. True knowledge is the action of the soul and is perfect. The way you think, believe and feel are all avenues to truth, all else is *imagination*.

The psychological traits of cultural inferiority and the subsequent social “submission” and “infatuation” to *Whiteness* is the by-product of the enslaved experience. Our collective psychosis remains the most difficult area of our struggle.

Embracing the Euro-ethos is damaging to us as a people. It have devastating effects on our spirituality, personal sovereignty and racial integrity. Our inability to transcend the internalization of being an American, Jamaican, Panamanian, Brazilian, Puerto Rican, Haitian etc. is the “precursor” to our insecurity, fear and low self-esteem based on the affinity to *Whiteness*. Liberation for Our people is vastly different than achieving the “American Dream”.

Walter Beach III 2.16.2023

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