The *System is Rigged*

David Chappelle‘s monologue is more than a “comic” or “comedian” presentation!!! It is about a place where People do not believe *The Truth*. It is basically a repeat of Jack Nicholas statement you cannot handle the truth.

It makes the point that This System is “rigged”! The former President Trump actual statements “I use it”, “I don’t pay taxes”. There has been no legal action against President Trump for any transgressions of United States laws. It is “rigged”!!!

The essential character of This System is suffused with its own social, religious, political and economical influences establishing ‘prima facie’ evidence of a “rigged” system, *res ipsa loquitur* - the thing speak for its self. Nothing is real unless it has been or can be integrated within the contextual “rigged” system.

The final nail in the coffin by Mr. Chappell was simply put “We Been On That”!!!

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