There Is No Law Where There Is No Remedy

*Consider This* The “Law” is a prescription for performance, made by the thoughts and acts of its makers, to which those who have subscribed are bound!!! “Law” is but a promise, no stronger than the enforcement of its makers!!! There is NO “Law” where there is NO remedy!!!

Who will take time for conscious rational responsible analysis? I cannot pull you through the darkness but I can show you where to find the light!!!

Mr. Donald Trump keeps telling everyone that the United States of America’s Legal Justice System is rigged!!! Believe it, It is alleged insurrection involvement and 37 indictments, 10 obstruction of justice charges and still on the streets!!!

No one is above the “Law” however, some are ‘beyond’ the Law!!! The truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth!!!  “You can’t handle the truth”!!! *Prime-facie Evidence* *America The Beautiful*

We now, need a Special Council to give Mr. Donald Trump the “benefit of the doubt”!!! Undeniable, indisputable, irrefutable!!!

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