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We, first world people, interface with the spirit in the moment, we are in tune with nature expressing our being without conflict. The African cosmological continuity of Dark Matter Consciousness is a primary and initial cognitive response which leads to making courageous choices. Truth and knowledge are the preparation for consciousness.

We must always be aware of our initial impulses and explore their origins. Detail of thought precedes all actions. Seek full knowledge, establish the facts, eliminate the negatives, and then chose the best responsible options.

We must break away from the gravitational pull of Western European thought. Said orthodoxy and theology does not accept equality or diversity.

The American Imperial Colonial Hegemony represent dissident melodies, strident harmonies and agitated rhythms. The European paradigm is not connected to spirit and nature and cannot function beyond a sub-human experience, other than by a vicarious and abstract interface.

The corridors of religion and politics are dimly lit. Semantical prestidigitation from the religious hermeneutics of fictional literature and illusory political legal doctrines are presently all we sadly have.

The danger is to get stuck in ignorance outside of the psycho-spiritual Dark Matter Consciousness, which creates the psychological and emotional imbalance suffered by the estranged relationship of African essence for the European Western belief systems.

The African continuity symmetrically balanced is the way of Self-Actualization, Self-Knowledge, Self-Revelation, and Self-Transformation.

Existential reality is not predicated on faith, beliefs, or opinions. People may have faith, beliefs, or opinions as they so desire, but the rejection of proof and evidence contravening those beliefs because is patently absurd.

When there are two positions and one proves true and the other proves false, you must affirm the truth. The issue is what do we do with truth, honesty, integrity, justice etc. in this nation?

Everything perceived and experienced is seen from the standpoint of self and related to the self. There are levels of awareness of consciousness beyond self-awareness.

The etiological (cause or reason), cosmological (meta physic dealing with nature of the universe) and ontological (nature of being) dynamic of the human register must be understood and acknowledged to their relationship to spirit nature and universal law.

There is a systematic method of precisely defining racial consciousness. Race sensitivity and racial predatory behavior are not aberrations. The patterns for racial behavior are observable and quantifiable. It is in the patterns itself, that creates the illusions.

What is the primary impulse response to one’s racial sensitivity and consciousness? Are we to consider that racism is a matter of opinion? Reason and logic by their very nature are restricted to evidence while belief and opinions have no such limitations.

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