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Where have the Warriors Gone

Woke up this morning, with this on my mind, An Honorable War or A Trecherous Peace, “Where have all the *Black Urban Warriors* gone?

Maybe enticed by the Victorian Western Anglo European Pantheon, to Corporate America, everyone!!! A seat at the table, they can change it, from within. There is no peace to be found, undeniable, indisputable and irrefutable!!! If so tell me how and where!!!

Urban Warriors like Malcolm, Fred Hampton, Viola Plummer, Sonny Abuadika Carson, Rasul, Sista Soja, Lonnie McLean, Lamumba, Angela Davis, Rasheed Ali, Askia, Ali Lamont, Rasheed Ali, Ateem Ferguson, Chimirange ……………. many more to acknowledge!!!

Where is the desire and energy to be free of the “reality” that there are forces that welcomes the evils circumstances/conditions of racism upon our people?

Not a comfortable place for me sometimes!!! My father’s statement to me “you must decide what your relationship to ‘IT’ will be”!!! Recognition and minimal contact and try to stay out of the way most of the time!!!

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