Are we all the same? Are you sure?

I reject the term *people of color*!!!

Those who embrace, support and make efforts to maintain the *doctrine*, *orthodoxy* and *theology* of “racism” and “white supremacy” are my enemy, regardless of skin pigmentation!!!

 One is either “white” or they are Not “white”!!! One is either Black African or you are Not!!!

There has all ways been an issue of *white identity*!!! What is *white identity*?

The ethnological disease is the source of the confusion from Spanish Inquisition forward!!!

{White Anglo-Saxon European Protestant.} {White French European Catholic.} {White Spanish European Catholic…Moorish ejection from Spain} {White Italian European Catholic}.

Current Prima fascia evidence Russia vs Ukraine!!!

Neely Fuller Jr. “If you do not understand *racism* and *white supremacy* and how it works, everything else you understand will only confuse you”!!!

The impermanence and ubiquitous character of our identity as Black African genocide survivors is  demonstrated in the imbalance of our Africa nature. We are Haitians, Jamaicans, Panamanians, Brazilians, Puerto Ricans, British, and even Americans.

Black African genocide survivors Who acknowledge, fine comfort and celebrate “diaspora citizenship” is primer facie evidence of their imbalance to African cosmological relationship to spirit and nature.

“A People are losing sight of their origin are dead.” “A people deaf of purpose are lost.” “2000 BC” Atmah.

Unity of purpose and effort is the most potent means to attain any desired goal!!!

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