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Is It Real or True, For Who?

The flavor, essential character of “all” systems are suffused with their own social, religious, political and economical influences mingled to express their “reality”. Things are “real” only to extend that they are rooted in this “objective reality”, which in itself is pended down in concepts, thoughts and ideas.

This means that nothing is “real” unless it has bend or can be integrated within the contextual system. Where “all” information and data is *factually implausible*, “reality” is *questionable*.

Beyond the contextual system our spirituality, true forces of nature are revealed and “true reality” dawns.

It is your personal perspective and insight, you know, that you know, it is no longer just your imagination. Experiences are key in contextual analysis even the *subconscious* engagement to *whitness* has a disproportionate impact on human behavior.

The DISCIPLES OF AWARENESS are Consciousness, Subconsciousness, Unconsciousness.

There can be no “thoughts” that you are not aware of, Consciousness is the power to discriminate. Consciousness is awareness of one’s body and one’s environment to act, self-awareness is recognition of that Consciousness.

*Subconscious ~ ignorance You don’t know You don’t know

*Conscious ~ ignorance You know You don’t know

*Conscious ~ knowledge You know You know

*Subconscious ~ knowledge Intuition In Spirit

Belief systems are principles that guide people through their every day lives. Thoughts, ideas and concepts that follow the path of least resistance is to be given special considerations. For me and to me, if I did not ask for your advice or opinion then I don’t care what you think.

ZGR, Zero Grade Reliance is the only consideration when acknowledging Social, Cultural, Religious *literary fictions*, Legal *semantical masturbation*. Conscious, rational, logical, responsible agency is the only available intellectual energy I can harness, the easy way.

My daily life is my religion I cannot separate my “will” from my actions. To some it holds little weight. The way I think is the way I feel, only what I perceive, do I know, the rest is *imagination*

The African cosmological continuity is the direction to move fully toward liberation and freedom. The location of Black African genocide survivors throughout the diaspora is meaningful, however the ultimate expression must be to return to Africa.

The impermanence and ubiquitous character of our identity as Black genocide survivors is demonstrated in the imbalance of our African nature. We are Haitians, Jamaicans, Panamanians, Cubans, Puerto Ricans, Brazilians, British and even American’s. Black African genocide survivors who acknowledge, find comfort and celebrate *diaspora citizenship* is prima facie evidence of their imbalance to African Cosmological relationship to spirit and nature. “A people losing sight of their origin are dead. A people deaf of purpose are lost.” *2000 Season* Atmah.

The afterlife of the enslaved genocide survivor’s relationship is not binary, in the context of the racist “orthodoxy” and “theology” In all of the *diaspora communities*. The “racial curse” assigned by others *Just Because*, is pervasive. The predatory, negative indignities, are disproportionately administered, directed and received *just because* some are Black, devastates the character and quality of life.

This is not conjecture, assumptions, postulations, hypothesis or theories it is suffused in the European American “doctrine”, “orthodoxy” “theology” of the racist hegemony. The said actions speaks for themselves.

Consider This, any inhuman or demeaning action attributed to one *Just Because* they are Black African, is absent and refreshing, only, in the Motherland. This is factual, believable, probable, possible, no where other than Africa.

One can not detach themselves from their experiences. It is factually inaccurate and intellectually dishonest to suggest that Black people and white people are part of the “same societal paradigm” without indelibly drawn lines. Race, must be factored into every human experience in the known universe.

How comfortable are you being an *American*? There is No peace to be found here!!! Don’t you dare close your eyes!!!

Given the Victorian European predatory popular cultural mythology and religious fictional literature we often find ourself confronted with their emotional, psychological ignorance overriding universe intelligence.

I am not objective or indifferent, there is this painful discrepancy between my imagination and oppressive “racial reality”. I firmly believe that liberty is inseparable from social justice, courtesy inseparable from virtue, honesty inseparable from consciousness.

Dispositional purpose and momentum far exceeds the situational expression of the single act or event. Predatory, negative indignities are disproportionately received

*just because* one is Black.

I no longer have to satisfy myself with Pyrrhic Victories, abandoning much of my humanity, only” to be a free functioning human being! The cost is not worth the benefit, paying more than fair value, removing one’s self from being “A Tourist”. Subconscious, connection and engagement to *whiteness* as programming and conditioning is “real consideration”!

Witness how far we may miss the mark. Unarmed Black African enemy combatant is left with only a “classic” Education from Elementary, Middle Junior High and Senior School, as a Black male adolescent from *loving/supporting* “family”, “community” life experience in Pontiac Michigan.

My parents required that I take college preparatory courses in Senior High School. The curriculum was English, Latin, chemistry, arithmetic, math, algebra, geometry, calculus, trigonometry, history, social studies and I became familiar with the categories of fallacies also understanding syllogistic distinctions.

A wide range of literary assignments included Thoreau, Whitman, Wadsworth, Emerson, Shakespeare, Aristotle, Plato, Socrates. Reading requirements from Homer’s Odyssey and iliad, Julius Caesar, Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales etc.

My “white” high school “Counselor”, Mr. McCracken, suggested that I not, pursue any college classes but take courses in plumbing and woodwork. The preparation for Black boys to go into Pontiac General Motors has labors! The future he understood best for Black boys!

Further academic Academy training Central Michigan University, Yale Law School and the New York Theological Seminary mingled with Black African Family, Community experiences.


◦ Who am I I am Black in attitude. I am Black in behavior. I am Black in belief and thought. I am African in spirit.


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