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To Me and For Me

To me and for me.

This philosophy informs my life and my relationship to others.

I am Black in attitude

I am Black in behavior

I am Black in belief and thought

I am African in spirit

In my time, the time given to me. In my time, that’s when I got to be free. Free to be what I choose, free to win not to lose. There can be no height that my heart can’t clime. If the Good Life is going to be mine, I must be Free.

I am a spiritual beings of ancient African ancestry, who traces his cosmic beginnings to the stars Sirius A and B. I trace My earthly beginnings to central Africa and a place called the Hapi Valley.

Reposing my faith and trust wholly in the NTR and the spiritual guidance of Maat. I am impartial to everything except the truth. Truth and knowledge is the preparation for My consciousness.

Throughout my life in many different situations I have had to determine if any of my actions were being used to foster growth or if I had become a victim in some way. I will never be a victim, I may possibly be a casualty.

The Game of life is hard to play because I am going to lose it anyway. Life is part of a cold blooded art even the law is corrupt, the “strong” don’t ‘cry’ and the “damn” don’t ‘die’, no matter how bitter the cup. Everything worthwhile is always on the other side of hard. Care must be chosen by Me rather than imposed upon Me. Every Man wants to live with dignity!

Self-suffocation as a means for survival, is suicide for the faint at heart. Racism is harsh but I’m not a victim. Racism is powerful but I am not powerless. Racism is invalidating but I’m not invalidated. Racism is dehumanizing but I remain human.

For how can a tyrant rule the *free* and the *proud*, but for cowardliness in their own freedom and shame of their own pride. I strive to be, I must have a purpose beyond Self. I accept and acknowledge the fact of my African Self-being intuitively, and have developed the cognitive strength to function within that melanin Africaness.

I must understand that essential characteristics of the assumptions of Americana. The ritual drama of Americana is fundamentally racist. Racism is not an aberration in America. Any position counter to that is a distortion or denial of reality. Those who construct and live with - in the “orthodoxy” and “theology” of their *whiteness* must be responsible for the subsequent evil!

Liberation and Freedom for Our People is vastly different than achieving the “American Dream”.

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